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Welcome To My Homepage

Blogspot - Website maintenance announcements.

Interactive Steam Trading Card Sheet - An attempt to help Steam collectors keep track of Steam trading cards, now offline.

My Organic Chemistry Site (inactive) - This is a site designed to help UNO students in CHEM 2274, also contains a searchable list of compounds used in UNO's organic chemistry lab.

Mammals Database (inactive) - Search through the world's extant species of mammals taxonomically.

Chpwner's Bookstore (inactive) - An old attempt at ecommerce.

My TES 4 Oblivion Mods (inactive) - Was an attempt to add dwarves to Oblivion, but I lost interest in the game. The idea inspired a TES 5 (Skyrim) remake featuring all the dwarves from the Hobbit and the Mines of Moria from the Fellowship. However, there are similar mods out there, some of which I borrowed to create my version, so I decided not publish it.

Wiki-scholars (inactive) - Was an attempt to help ppl with their homework, but it ultimately failed. The only page that was completed was the biology page with mycology (fungi) topics from UNO Biol-1450.

My First Website (inactive)
- Databases, media streams, and write permissions have been disabled. Was originally on a windows server so many case-sensitive links are now broken.
I made it a long time ago (in high school) and is really quite a mess, but most of the flash games still work!

Chmoder.org - A site ran by my good friend "chmoder"