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Welcome to my bookstore. On this main page you can browse through my current products.

All of these books were given out by the Department of Computer Science and Mathmatics at my University. They are for the most part in "like new" conditon showning signs of shelf wear. If the indicator at the bottom of the page says sold out, it might not be, so please email me at and I will then get back to you with a paypal link via email.

All my prices are negotiable, just send me an email and offer your price.

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Title: Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis (3rd Edition) (Hardcover)
Author: Sara Baase, Allen Van Gelder
Publisher: Addison Wesley; 3 edition (November 15, 1999)
ISBN: 0201612445

Price: $60.00

Title: Computer Architecture: A Modern Synthesis : Foundations (Wie Computer Architecture Foundations) (Hardcover)
Author: Subrata Dasgupta
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc (February 1989)
ISBN: 0471823104

Price: Best Offer!

Title: A First Book of C++: From Here to There, Second Edition: From Here to There, 2nd (Paperback)
Author: Gary J. Bronson
Publisher: Course Technology; 2 edition (June 25, 1999)
ISBN: 0534368018

Price: Best Offer!

Title: Precalculus: Modeling Our World, Preliminary Edition (Comap, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications) (Hardcover)
Author: COMAP
Publisher: W. H. Freeman (July 15, 2001)
ISBN: 0716743590

Price: Best Offer!





Title: Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Hardcover)
Author: Michael Sipser
Publisher: Course Technology; 1 edition (December 13, 1996)
ISBN: 053494728x

Price: Best Offer!

Title: Foundations of Computer Science (Principles of computer science series) (Hardcover)
Author: Alfred V. Aho, Jeffrey D. Ullman
Publisher: Computer Science Press (February 1992)
ISBN: 0716782332

Price: Best Offer!

Title: Introduction to Algorithms (Hardcover)
Author: Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Ronald Rivest
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies (March 1, 1990)
ISBN: 0070131430

Price: $60.00

Title: DOS Programmer's Reference (2nd Edition) (Paperback)
Author: Terry Dettmann
Publisher: Que; 2Rev Ed edition (1989)
ISBN: 0880224584

Price: Best Offer!

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