Chpwner's Organic Chemistry Page

This site contains information for organic chemistry lab students

This site follows procedures given in the UNO CHEM 2274 lab. The compounds list featured in this site contains all of the compounds that UNO uses for their chemistry classes, but this data is relevant for classes at other universities

CHEM 2274 "Unknown Lab" Steps

  1. Determine Properties
    1. Separate and purify
    2. Solid
      1. Melting Point
      2. Solubility
    3. Liquid
      1. Boiling Point
      2. Solubility
      3. Index of Refraction
  2. Sodium Fusion Test
    1. Check for Halides
    2. Check for Nitrogen
  3. IR Spectroscopy
    1. Solid
      1. KBr Disc
    2. Liquid
  4. Chemical Tests
    1. Functional Groups
    2. Compair with IR
  5. Derivatives

Organic Lab Saftey