Organic Derivatives

Is is common to have to prepare derivatives of compounds in order to diffrentiate between two close compounds. The isolated derivative can be analysed for BP or MP or a spectrum prepared (IR, NMR).

In CHEM 2274, there are procedures to make derivatives based on functional group that is employed in the last two labs.

Derivatives by functional group

  1. Ester
    1. Hydrolysis
    2. Transesterification
  2. Ketones and Aldehydes
    1. 2,4-DNP
    2. Semicarbazones
  3. Phenols
    1. Bromination
    2. Urethanes
    3. 3,5-Dinitrobenzoate Esters
  4. Alcohols
    1. α-Naphthylcarbamates
    2. 3,5-Dinitrobenzoate Esters
  5. Carboxilic Acids
    1. Amides and Anilides
    2. Esterification