Effects on the Brain

  • Formation of Lewy Bodies

  • Loss of nerve tissue

  • Inability to manufacture dopamine properly



  • Tremors and other symptoms

  • Cocaine drops to measure eye dilation

  • Computer voice pattern recognition

  • SPECT or PET scan to look at dopamine transporters


Treatment Options

  • Parkinson's disease can be treated by either drugs or surgery

  • Several Drugs include

    • Levodopa - A drug that increases dopamine concentration in the striatum (brain).

    • Comt and Selegiline - Assists in the absorption of dopamine in the blood

    A pallidotomy is being performed by inserting a probe into the patient's brain


  • Several Surgeries include.

    • Thalotomy - Destroys a groups of cells in the thalamus to prevent tremors

    • Pallidotomy - Insertion of a probe to destroy cells within the brain again to reduces tremors

    • Deep Brain Stimulation -  A pacemaker like device is inserted into the brain.  This device emits electrical impulses to help relax the brain and improve coordination

    • Neural Tissue Transplant - Transplantation of brain cells capable of producing dopamine

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