02-10-08: I'm Selling Textbooks!!

I have some old computer science textbooks I'm wanting to sell!

Checkout my online store and make some purchases!

Posted by Chpwner at 10:12PM

01-22-08: Progress Comes to a Virtual Halt

Happy new year everyone. Progress will come to a virtual halt this semester due to time limitations in my schedule and a leave of absence Stark took for the semester.

If this site were to ever go down, check my Blogspot to keep up to date.

Posted by Chpwner at 8:36PM

12-13-07: Mod files posted

Rudimentary versions of Balins tomb have been posted. Included are the necessary files from the downloads section, screen shots, and a video clip.

This mod is not complete, it basically adds the race and little else. Voices, advanced quests, and visuals are currently under development. Plans for other mods are also in the works.

Posted by Chpwner at 10:54PM

12-11-07: Website is finally operational!!

fish1 Keep up to date with the Forum Page.

finally the website is fully operational. Mod files will be posted soon. Keep up to date, visit the forum page.

Posted by Chpwner at 5:34pm

12-11-07: Mod Progress

Work is progressing on Balin's Tomb/Moria mod. We also have a plan for a bounty hunter's guild.

Posted by Stark at 8:04am