Balin's Tomb (Ver .1 beta)

This mod adds a race of dwarves. These dwarves were labeled beardless and was valid until I found a mod which adds several bearded nord races. My dwarves are now based off of this model.

This mod adds 3 dwarf npc's: Balin, Dori, and Gloin. Balin is found in a new cell named the dwarven ruins, this cell is located outside of Bruma. Attached to Balin is a quest which takes you into sedor to find the orkin stone. If successful the player is rewarded with 1,000 gold. Dori and Thorin are merchants located on top of dive rock.

The second file adds playable dwarf races resized based on David Moyer's resized and retextured nords with beards races.

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