About This Site

Wikischolars is a website where college and high school students can ask questions about various topics in science, computers and math. The site itself is hosted on three different servers. The primary server is the University of Nebraska Omaha. The secondary servers run out of our houses.


  1. www.wikischolars.edu.ms => UNO
  2. wikischolars.edu.ms => UNO
  3. sql.wikischolars.edu.ms:81 => My House
  4. secondary.wikischolars.edu.ms:81 => Tom's House

How this site works


I created this site as a study guide for students in high school and college. The idea is that everyone can contribute to the site is some way shape or form. At the end of every page is a html form, which links to a corresponding miniforum for that page.

I encourage users of this website to help me construct it properly. You can submit work via the forums or email so I can integrate your improvements into this site.

Our mentality

Our mentality of this website is similar to wikipedia and the GNU. Information should be free.


Use the nav bars to the left and the top of the site to browse though the various topics we specialize in, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Algebra, and Linux Operating Systems.



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