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Welcome to Chpwner.org


This site is about my past

Chpwner.org went online in 2008 (though I used a shared public domain from 2005 through 2007) and up until 2020 it ran as a portfolio-of-sorts, accumulating all of my web-based experiments. Most of the projects were no more than fragments as I learned web coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, and JS). More on my history pages, but learning web server administration was the driving factor behind learning web coding. Though I used to have a homebrew webserver hosting my content, that is no longer the case today.

Chown(er) = Chpwn(er)

In Linux there is a command used to change ownership of files and folders.


Add -er to denote someone who uses the command:


Stylize for the internet by substituting -own- for -pwn- (same pronunciation) and you get Ch-pwn-er.

I use this moniker for to present myself online. I did think it rather clever years ago when I came up with it, but I've had to explain it over and over—in that respect, it is not so clever.

Thank you for reading